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Sheer Fusion Lingerie and Sex ToysSheer Fusion began as “Hot Mama’s Lingerie” in 2007.  The change of name was accompanied by a new location and an upgraded image, with special emphasis on our unique “bra fitting” services for women with Hot Mamas Lingerie and Sex Giftshard-to-fit bra needs.




We found that our services help women feel more comfortable and sexy by obtaining bras that really “fit”, rather than “accepting” bras that were the right fit, just to avoid the frustration of bra shopping.

Not all lingerie and erotic gift stores provide bra fitting services as employees must be specially trained, knowledgeable about bras overall, and willing to take the time and patience necessary to make Lingerie and More: Sexy Bras that Fitthe customer feel at ease.  Most stores chose not to provide this very needed service.  Sheer Fusion knew that this was service was a  key to the success of the store, and kept thousands of bras in stock, from multiple manufacturers and providers.

“Bras aren’t alike.  From one company to another, the size and fit is different.  Once women find a company that they are happy with, they will do whatever it takes to purchase from that company.”

However, bras are just one aspect (although a very important one!) Fun costumes, sexy lingerie, and all the toys and lubes to go with itof SheerFusion Lingerie and Erotic Gifts.  We maintain a full line of costumes for both fun and eroticism, as well as panties, thongs, and every type of lingerie you can imagine – from babydolls to standard night gowns … in sizes up to 6X!

We believe lingerie for the fuller ladies must be as sexy as for the smaller sizes.  That is why we are very careful with the styles and colors we purchase to make sure we are providing designs that ladies of all sizes will find exciting and attractive.

Sheer Fusion is a lingerie and erotic gift store.  We have a full range of sexy toys and games, as well as necessary oils and lubricants, to compliment your planned erotic evening.  And we are happy to tell you about the products – don’t be shy – we promise it isn’t our first time to share our knowledge.

That is why we are here.  To help live a more satisfying sex life.  And to wear better fitting bras — because we think it takes both!

TIPS: Stocking and Hosiery

For the 21st century woman, eroticism has no limits. Whether you read a magazine, watch TV or check an email – images draw your attention. That is the purpose, right? Sexy, erotic forms filled with intimate fantasy, may suggest the idea of sex. We are ruled by instinct and even if we do not admit that.

The role of the lingerie is extremely important. Although it is not seen, its effects will catch your eyes. A woman wearing sexy lingerie under her daily clothes will feel sexier, and this will be noticed in her attitude. On the other hand, nylon stockings, which can be seen, emphasize the lines of the body. Sexy stockings have an immediate and noticeable effect.

For most women, the items they wear underneath the clothes are very well established. Sexy lingerie combined with stockings and hosiery serve as a lure, to hide, to keep the mystery of building stories and fantasies, but we must not forget that here, the most important is the magnet these sexy stockings will represent to a man. Most men turn their heads on the street when seeing a sexy woman. Sexy does not mean an uncommon beauty, but it is related more to the attitude of the woman. And sexy stockings are a key element in building up that attitude.

How does it work? When it comes to seducing, all the senses of a man must be put into action, but the most important one remains sight. Men find it more exciting to see a woman half naked and walking only in her underwear, combined with stockings and hosiery, instead of a naked woman. They prefer a woman to unveil the mystery of her body gradually, instead of having their partners waiting for them completely naked. Moreover, underwear and stockings hosiery are created specifically to highlight the femininity and highlight the best physical features of the woman. A little spice never hurts in a relationship.

If you are looking for some different stockings and hosiery than you see in all the stores in your area, you can turn to one of the dozens of sites that offers a wide range of specific products. For instance, My Bedroom Boutique offers a wide range of stockings hosiery. The most interesting and appreciated are the nylon stockings, which are a classic and you cannot fail with them. But if you favor other colors or materials, do not hesitate to try other stockings, too. There are different models of stockings available and they will be delivered at your home in just a few days. Forget about walking for hours in a store to find something you like! Now you can order your own items from the comfort of your couch. And do not forget that the most erotic lingerie is your smile. You must always wear it, as you never know when someone will fall in love with it!

TIPS: Special Message for Our Honeymooners

Preparing and packing your things for a honeymoon is not an easy task to do. There are lots of things that you would want to have inside your bag and most of these things are all necessary for you first night together as husband and wife. If you want an enjoyable and unforgettable honeymoon, then you should put your babydoll nightwear first inside your bag. This is one of the many things that you cannot afford to overlook so you have to make sure that it is first in your list. Planning and organizing is very important to make sure that nothing important is left behind.

As you plan for your honeymoon, it means that you also need to think of nice accessories that can make the experience convenient for both of you. You need to prepare set of nightwear as well as undies, because you will surely spend most of your time together inside your room to enjoy your time together. If you want to always look pretty and sexy in the eyes of your husband, you need to wear something that will catch his attention. You can wear champagne wedding shoes on the day of your wedding since it is also good looking at night.

The type of bedding inside your room can affect your mood. It is nice to know that most hotels and resort that caters for honeymooners use Charles Street bedding for their special honeymoon rooms. The best thing about it is that it can offer different level of comfort and relaxation that is perfect to set the mood for a romantic first night. It is one of the most popular bedding today because of its high quality material. Comfortable bedding is so important for couples to have a perfect honeymoon experience too.

Of course, you should not forget your toiletries while on a honeymoon. You need to be very hygienic not only for your first night, but for the rest of your life together if you want your partner to stay with you forever. Your toiletries must consist of your toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine wash, body wash, lotion, mouthwash, shaving cream and many more. Even if you look sexy with your nightwear, you need to smell and look fresh. With perfect bedding, night wear and wedding shoes your wedding and honeymoon is something that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

TIPS: Shopping for Lingerie that Fits

If you are shopping for babydoll nightwear, you not simply have to look at the look you’re going for, but the fit, style, as well as the color selection you wish to find when you are likely to buy. Women aren’t just likely to have a lot of options after they visit the right shop, fortunately they are going for top level deal for the items they are going to buy also.

So, it doesn’t matter where you shop or what you should want for, when you are going to buy new lingerie, you have to go to the best retailer, you have to compare the fine pieces and quality, and you have to find out what the best fit is perfect for you, if you are ready to purchase it. Since there are numerous great pieces, you will learn that not every will fit you well so, when you shop, it may be beneficial to experience several, see how are put, to see how they see the you. Some women are going to see that a specific color or style, or perhaps a material is going to make the fit much more comfortable whenever they use it.

Take the time to see what looks good, and how it will feel once you’ve it on, so that you can find the ideal new pieces, when you’re searching for new lingerie, for any occasion you’re going to use it for.

If you have many style that compares, and when you visit the best retailer, you’ll find a lot of great styles and pieces, and you really are going got get the ideal new type of babydoll lingerie so that you can buy. It is essential that you think about the size and fit, to help you get the piece that wont only suit you, but probably feel safe if you are going to use would seem impossible to, and will certainly don it for longer time periods when you are actually experiencing it on.

Since you choose from much while you shop with the proper retailer, take time to see what they’ve got, test small volumes of, and compare the fantastic quality, style, and color options, to help you find the best for you when you are finally able to choose also to acquire one. When you know things to look for, you will need to consider all great styles when you will purchase new lingerie.

Ladies who do, not only discover a great look and fit, additionally, they find a very good deal on the cost if they are ready to purchase it too. So, you have to bear in mind every you’re going to have, when you find yourself prepared to purchase lingerie, and discover the right fit and elegance, and find something that’s going to appear and feel great when you have it on whenever

TIPS: Searching for BabyDoll Lingerie

When you are searching for a new set o babydoll lingerie, there are a variety of great pieces that you can find depending on the size, the fashion, color, as well as the material that you might want to discover, you have to take time to shop if you are willing to purchase. Simply because that you’ve numerous options, and since there are a quantity of places accessible, you have to keep in your mind what it is that you want to find, as well as the price you want to purchase it as well. As you have several option and also since there are plenty of places for you to buy, ti is a good idea to take the time to try on a couple of pieces, to determine how they are going to match your body, and also to find people who are incredibly comfortable for you personally. For women who live to use these pieces, so it is a great idea that they can find out how are put, and just how they fell to allow them to find those pieces which will look wonderful as well as fit them well when the time comes to decide on the right new sets.

With babydoll nightwear, you want to look for the right retailer you might also need to find the retailer that carries a substantial site for you to choose from. For those who have over one piece, and when you can buy from multiple retailer, it’s kind of easier on you to find the ones that will benefit you best, will be the most effective, and will be the most cost effective whenever you plan on just what you are likely to buy. If you are buying one piece or are seeking many different pieces, you will discover the right size, style,and fit, only when you know where to buy it, and what it is going to look giving you. SO, ladies who are seeking new lingerie, you need to know where to shop and what you deserve for. When you are aware with the right retailers, and the pieces that be perfect for you and search best, you are then going to obtain the ones that can look great, and you can also get a good deal when you will decide what you will buy for individual use. Click here to get more details.

We Support Bras for a Cause

bras for a causeFor the fifth year in a row, a local business did its part to offer support to women living with breast cancer.

Sheer Fusion Lingerie raised $880 during Bras for a Cause, a campaign that raises money for the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation.

Renae Gibson, owner of Sheer Fusion Lingerie, said the store decided to get involved five years ago after hearing a number of stories from women who had undergone mastectomies.

“They come into the store and they tell us their stories, and (we) just feel for them,” Gibson said. “Doing Bras for a Cause makes us feel that we can at least contribute to help them while they’re going through cancer.”

During the month of October, Sheer Fusion collected used bras from the community.
“We take the time to assess their needs and get a specific bra that looks nice and helps them feel good about themselves to brighten their day.”

This year, the store put together eight teams of residents to bring a competitive aspect to the event.

“We were thrilled with almost 900 bras, but next year, we are going to make it even bigger with more teams, starting it earlier and hopefully getting a little bit of competition between the businesses in Airdrie,” said Gibson.

“We really want all aspects of the community to get involved because it is a great cause and it raises awareness about breast cancer.”

The bras in good condition were donated to women’s abuse shelters, while those in poor condition were thrown away. For each bra collected, Sheer Fusion gave a $5 coupon to the person who donated.

For every bra collected, Booster Juice and Qualico Group donated $1 to the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation.

The foundation provides a number of programs to help women who are going through or recovering from breast cancer.

“It’s important that we stand behind our community and the ladies that get this because it’s very hard on them,” Gibson said. “They kind of lose a piece of themselves and they don’t feel whole anymore.”

This year, Sheer Fusion also collected donations from teams. The team who donated the most bras received a $150 gift certificate.

TIPS: Wires – friend or foe?

Your breast is nothing more than a mound of flesh attached to your body. That mound has a diameter at its base and reaches a height that is unique for every woman. Underwires are meant to encircle that base and help to support it within the cup. The important thing to remember is that the diameter of the breast determines the underwire size, and that unique diameter, can be used to fit more than one bra size.

To explain further, your bra size is made up from a combination of band size and cup size. As the breast grows larger in diameter, it takes more breast mass to make up the same height, so that a 36B breast is much smaller than a 46B breast, yet each of these, being B cups have only 2″ difference between the high bust and the full bust. Predictably, a 36B bra takes a size 36 underwire, while the 46B bra (which is still a B cup) will take a size 46 underwire, which has a diameter 2″ bigger! This explains why women who buy swimwear cups by cup size “I wear a B cup” may find that the B cups do not really fit at all, especially if they are at the lower or upper end of the size range.

Although it may sound a bit confusing, the diameter system for underwires actually makes life easier for a bra-maker, as well as those salvaging wires from ready-to-wear. Since each diameter of wire is unique to a bra size, it also follows that wires may be interchangeable between some sizes. For example, a 36B takes a number 36 underwire, but so do a 32D, a 34C and a 38A! Use the chart below to determine a particular underwire size. The cell where your band size meets your cup size is your underwire size. Notice that as the band size increases, the cup size that will accommodate the wire decreases.

The chart goes up to 66, but to my knowledge this underwire size does not exist. Instead I have used the theoretical diameter of this size. It’s been my finding that women with larger breasts (larger than 58) are not comfortable wearing wires, since the mass of the breast would extend so far under their arms.

You will also notice that the sizes move in a diagonal direction, as the band size increases, the cup size decreases. So the same number wire, for example, wire size 40 will fit not only 40B, but also 38C, 36D, 34DD, and 32F. All these sizes have the same diameter around the base of the breast mound. However this does not mean that the volume of the breasts is the same. The thrust (depth) is different, even though the diameter may be the same.

You will notice, too, that all the wires are numbered for their size in a B cup, so that is an easy way to remember them. Each increase in cup size causes the wire to go up by 2, so a 36 wire is only 1 size up from a 34. The actual size difference is approximately 8.5 mm in diameter.

The 30-second Wire Test
If you really want the naked truth about breast diameter, try this quick tip. Hold up an underwire so it encircles the bare breast with the coloured tip of the wire at the front. If the underwire intrudes into the breast mound, it is too small. You can see below that the wire is too small and sits on the breast mound. This would dig into the breast and be quite painful.

Pain from Underwire in Bra

If the wire diameter goes beyond the diameter of the breast, as shown below, it is too large. Underwires increase in diameter by increments of approximately 1/3″ per size so you can judge how many sizes you need to move up or down.

Underwire should not be painful

Once you have the wire that fits, when you look at bras in the store, make sure the wire diameter matches the diameter of “your” wire, or very close to it. It is easy to check by turning the bra inside out and laying your wire up to it. After a few times, you’ll have memorized the size and you won’t have to carry a wire around in your purse!

In order to check underwires that may already be in your possession, simply lay them on top of the wire that is correct for you. Most women assume that if they have underwires with the same colour tips, they are getting the same size, but colours run totally differently between manufacturers. At one time, I had 4 different wire sizes, all with green tips!

The curve that most closely matches the curve of your wire indicates the size. Do not worry so much about the arm length; your wires may have been taken from a demi-cup bra or bra style with slightly less than full coverage. What is critical, however, is that the diameters of the wires in question match up as closely as possible.

TIPS: Better than B?

I hear from lots of women with breasts smaller than B who are totally frustrated when shopping for bras. If you a B-cup or larger, and reading this with a smirk, thinking – what do they have to worry about – let me enlighten you. A-cups and smaller sizes can be affected by gravity and the aging process, just as much as larger breasts, and have equal needs for modesty and adequate coverage. But, just like the lack of bra cups larger than DDD, there is a distinct lack of bras available in sizes A, AA and AAA. What’s that? You didn’t know there was anything smaller than A? Pull up a chair, grasshopper, and let me explain…

By definition, bra cup sizes are found by calculating the difference between the high bust measurement and the full bust measurement. Each inch of difference is assigned a letter, with 1” being the standard increment used in North America and most western countries. So, on this side of the pond, 1” of difference is called A cup, 2” is B, 3” is C and 4” is D. OK so far?

So what happens when we go down in size? AA is considered to be a difference of 1/2”-1”, while AAA is considered to be 0-1/2” difference. There is no smaller size than AAA, since we can’t go lower than a difference of 0”. So, while all the other sizes move in increments of 1”, the petite sizes (as they are often called) move in 1/2” increments.

Now before we go on, I know you are going to go surfing and find a few bras out there in small sizes but often, those bras are padded, sometimes ridiculously so. Do all manufacturers think that A-cups automatically want or need padded bras? The A-cups I’ve met are quite happy with their size, and who can blame them? There are advantages to having small beasts, and this is purely as I see it:

You never have to worry about a blouse not fastening in the front
You can make a bra from virtually any fabric
You don’t have to worry about using industrial strength fabrics for support
You can make a bra from a small piece of fabric (a gal in my class at the monastery made the most incredible bra from a placemat size piece of Chinese brocade!)
Smaller bras use less elastic and channelling, saving you money in supplies
Smaller underwires are cheaper than larger ones.
You don’t have to hold on to your breasts as you run down the stairs

But let me explain the technical differences between cup sizes smaller than B. If you are making a bra for yourself, of someone you know with petite cups; or if you are designing for ready-to-wear, you need to know this.

Any cup size has a certain depth (known as the Bottom Cup Depth) and a certain diameter, which is known by the underwire number. Let’s look at the diameter for the moment. A 34B bra uses a #34 wire. Yes, I realize that some companies number their wires for the A-cup sizes, but just accept the fact that B-cups use #34 for now, so you see what I am driving at. A 34C uses one wire size up from the B, making the wire for a 34C a #36 wire, since wires run in even numbers. A 34A uses one size smaller than #34, making it #32. So, the diameter increases like shown on this chart found in my book for cross-grading underwires. If you’re the type of person to feel almost obsessed with finding patterns or logic in everything, you might enjoy the challenge of filling in the question marks below.

Get the right size bra

Done? If you are like 99.99% of my blog readers, you will have filled in the question marks as shown below. How did you do?

Lingerie and Bras to make you feel sexy

Don’t be giving yourself that gold star quite yet. This chart and the assumption that AA and AAA follow the “normal” pattern is incorrect. Ahhh….now pay attention!

A funny thing happens when the cup size is smaller than A, the wire size, in other words, the diameter of the breast, does not get any smaller. Put another way, a 34AA uses a #32 wire and so does a 34AAA! Likewise, a 36AA and 36 AAA use the same size wire as the 36A. All A, AA and AAA, stay the same diameter. Whatever wire size the A uses, so follow the AA and AAA. So here is the correct answer to the chart.

A good fitting bra is a real erotic gift!

This shows up clearly in the drawing of the wires below. The AAA, AA and A are the same diameter, and the B and C are larger by 8.5 mm (.33″).

The right bra = sexy

So, does this mean that A, AA and AAA are actually the same size everywhere? Not at all. Only the diameter of the wire remains the same. The difference is in the Bottom Cup Depth (BC), which is the distance from the wire line crease to the apex (nipple). In ready to wear, these are standardized from one company to the next.

If you could see the cups from the top down, the A, AA and AAA would look something like this drawing.

Understanding Bra Sizes

Notice the diameters are equal, as they should be. But the projection from the wall (which determines the BC depth) decreases as the sizes goes down. Some companies use 3/16” as this measurement, and some use 1/4”. Either way, it shows that the projection decreases.

If you have a bra pattern in an A, yet the cup is still a little baggy, but the wire size seems to be fine, you probably really need an AA. If it is a fair bit baggy, you’ll need to go to an AAA. Pin out what you need to get an idea of how much to take out. Here is the alteration that you need to do.

The Shape of the Cup (bra)

The dotted line is the new size and it would be moved down either 3/16” or 1/4” per size, depending on whether your fabric is rigid or stretch. It’s always best to make a sample to check it out.

TIPS: A Bra that Fits

No matter who makes them, bras have a few components that are common to all or most, of them. All bras need cups to contain the breasts, a band to hold the cups up to the breasts and a closure of some sort to keep it fastened around the body. The bridge is the connector piece that holds the cups together in the front. This piece may or not be visible as a separate piece, but may be built in to the cups. Straps are an integral part of most bras, but should never be the primary support for the cups. Style differences aside, every bra you buy (or make) should be viewed with a critical eye for correct fit and comfort. If it doesn’t fit, it isn’t right, no matter how comfortable or stylish it may be.

Whatever your preference for cup style, there should never be breast tissue bulging out over the cups as below, nor should there be any creeping out at the sides or from underneath.

Bras that Make you Feel Sexy

To do a quick check on the fit of the cups, place your finger on the bridge area of your bra and press in. The bridge should lie flat against the chest wall. It should not have space between the chest wall and the fabric. Feel along the front edges of your bra and down the seam under your arm. Are there any bulges? If so, you need a larger cup. If you pull your shoulders back you shouldn’t see any little rolls above the bra. Bending over to retrieve a fallen object should not have you replacing your breasts back in the bra, nor should reaching upward cause you to reposition them. This is awkward for the wearer when it happens and can be socially embarrassing! The breast tissue should fill the cups completely, with no gaps or wrinkles at the front of the cups. If one breast is larger than the other, you can purchase ‘cookies” or gel pads to bring the smaller cup to the size of the larger. Here’s a photo of badly fitted cups, and you can clearly see the bulging over at the top, and at the bottom.

Straps vary in their construction and their composition; some are elastic, others are made from fabric, several may be padded for comfort and still others have shoulder pads built in. Whatever the style, straps should lay flat against the body, with no twisting, curling or straining of the fabric. If there is strap adjustment hardware on the strap, they should be free from burrs and gouges, both can be quite painful to the wearer. Straps should never create dents in the flesh as shown below, but should only carry minimum weight. Straps that are carrying too much weight, dig into your shoulders, not only permanently indenting them, but also adversely affecting circulation to and from the arms. Cups that fit well and are supported properly by the band shouldn’t need massive strapping (after all, a strapless bra doesn’t need them!) Straps should also be placed to correctly sit on the shoulders. If the strap setting is too wide, there will be a gap along the neckline edge of the bra, which will often be interpreted as incorrect cup fit.

Proper fitting bras

The breasts should be lifted a little higher than their normal “at rest” position, how high is a matter of personal preference. The apex on most women occurs about midway between the shoulder and the waist, but breasts that are naturally closer to the shoulder indicate a high bust, breasts that are closer to the waist indicate a low bust. Differences such as these are normal and cannot be changed by adjusting the straps. To determine where your breast height naturally occurs, wear a bra that has the straps adjusted to the highest point where it doesn’t hurt, then hold something straight (like a ruler) horizontally at your collarbone (the two bones at the base of your front neck) and tie a string at your waist. Look in a mirror. The fullest part of the bosom should be no lower than mid-chest level, halfway between the string and the ruler. If the breasts are closer to the waistline, you are naturally low-bosomed. (Many women think they are short-waisted when they are just low-bosomed.) Realizing this about yourself will help you buy clothes that fit better, too!

The Band
The band is engineered to carry the weight and thrust of the cups and is the primary support element in the bra. The band should not dig into your flesh, but should be snug enough to engage the pull of the elastic. When the chestband is too snug, it also draws the underwires into your ribs and will bend them along the lower cup side or the bottom, digging them into your ribs. By the end of the day, this can be shear torture.

Brassieres that are comfortable

On the other hand, bands that are too loose are in some cases worse than those that are too tight. Bra specialists agree that the band should fit well enough not to slide around your chest. If you can put the band on backwards and slide it around easily to the front, it’s too loose. Wear a smaller band size or use the next-smaller row of eyes. If the band rides up in the back, that’s a sure sign that the band is too loose. It may be that you need to go to a smaller band size, or it may be that your elastic has died. (If the elastic is dead, the bra is dead!)

Good Bras Fit; Bad Bras Hurt

There is a more compelling reason to keep your band snug. Think of your upper body as a teeter-totter, with your breasts on one end and your bra back on the other. Your body is the fulcrum in the middle. As the bra back slides up in the back, the breasts will come down (sag) as shown in the picture below. Sagging breasts are most often the result of a loose band, but it can also be caused by a fabric used in the cups that is far too stretchy to be supportive. As you will learn, the fabric choices for bra-making are of the utmost importance.

The Right Bra fits comfortably

Some bra styles seem to expose a lot of breast tissue at the side near the underarm. This style of bra with very narrow bands is meant to be worn by those who don’t need the support of a bra. Most women need a band that is wide enough and of fabric with enough strength to give real support to the breasts.

Make yourself feel sexy with a bra that fits

And yes, every now and then, I see a celebrity who is wearing a bad bra. Can you guess who this one is?

Underwires that poke the breast tissue or your arm as you move it forward, are definitely too small. If the underwire is poking you in the armpit, it may be a sign that the diameter of the wire is too big, or the underwire itself is too long. If the underwire at the center front does not lie flat, but comes out at an angle from your body, or curves, or is anything but vertical along the chest wall at center front, it’s not right. The cup depth or the bridge will need to be altered in order for the bra to lay flat against the center of your chest.

In short, a well-fitting bra should have enough cup room and support to be comfortable and effective without digging, sagging, poking or bulging anywhere.

TIPS: Why Bother with Good Fit

If you’ve been plagued with “uni-boob” or bulges creeping out in places you thought no one had bulges, maybe it is your bra that is at fault. More specifically, it’s the bra size that may be incorrect.

Most women, at some point in their lives, have all had at least one bra that fit properly. Maybe it was the first bra you owned. Perhaps your mother took you to the local department store and let the clerk there assess the fit of that all-important first bra. After that, life happened: you got older, perhaps had a pregnancy or two and your weight may have fluctuated up or down by more than a few pounds. As well, do not forget chronic disease, illness or the inevitable effect of gravity! All of these factors will take their toll and can change the size and distribution of the breast tissue. Yet, unbelievably, some women are still buying the same size bra they bought 20 or more years ago! Whether this is due to vanity (“I’ve always been a 34B”) or ignorance about correct fit, or whether being so busy looking after everyone else’s needs, that their own needs get sublimated, this question is one of life’s little mysteries. Personally, I think it is a combination of all these factors.

It is impossible to look for a perfect fitting bra without first understanding what is considered good fit to start with. Considering that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra, it appears that not everyone knows what good fit is all about, let alone what it looks like and feels like. A bra doesn’t fit, just because it’s pretty or on sale!

One of the frequent comments I hear from women regarding their bra size is that they don’t want to go into a larger cup size because they do not want to look too big (“OMG – I’ll look like DOLLY PARTON!”). Let me tell you right upfront – a correctly fitting bra will actually make you look smaller! How? Bras that cause the breasts to bulge make us look fat, just like clothes that are skin tight, will accentuate every bulge. You will always look slimmer in clothes that fit properly. Improper fit in a bra is, at best, uncomfortable, and causes the clothes you wear over it to hang and drape incorrectly: at worst, the lack of circulation in the breast caused by constriction of the blood vessels have been linked to several breast-related health issues, including breast cancer. A correctly fitting bra is not just a matter of vanity; it is a matter of your personal health.

While every woman has her own ideas and preferences about fashion, style and fabric choice (and thank goodness we do!), the primary functions of a bra have always been to support as well as to cover the breasts in comfort. Not all bras do all things well…. just because a bra covers you or is comfortable doesn’t mean it has good support. By the same token, it may be supportive, but if it still doesn’t cover you adequately or it isn’t comfortable, you won’t wear it. Good fit is by nature a combination of good support, good coverage and comfort.

Good support:
A properly fitting bra should not ride up at the back, nor fall off the shoulders. Strive for cups that fit all the way around each breast with the band and the centre front sitting on or very nearly on the breastbone. The band should be wide enough to hold the cups in place without being too tight or riding up in the back, and straps should be sized to be comfortable without twisting or digging in to the shoulders. The cup fabric itself should be stable enough to keep the breast inside the cup and support the breast comfortably while performing everyday activities. The wires, if any, should encircle the breast mound and not poke, pull or protrude. There should be no flesh bulging out of the bra anywhere. Bras that conjure an image of “two melons in a hammock” are not supporting the breasts, in fact, they are transferring the weight to the straps, which can cause problems in the arms and lower back. Support in a bra comes from the band – band elastics should not roll up, or dig into the ribcage.

Good coverage:
Personal modesty influences in how much of the breast mound the cups should cover, with an exception made for deliberately immodest cup styles which may be desired under certain garments. Demi cup bras are intended to cover about half of the breast mound above the nipple, while a full coverage bra covers most or all of it. If a bra-type garment is to be used as outer clothing, such as a halter top or a swimsuit, you may wish to make it more modest. Exceptions to this, such as exotic dance or fetish wear, or “playtime” bras showing a lot of breast, will always have to be considered by the wearer and what level of coverage they are comfortable with.

The seaming, and style of the bra as well as the fabric and findings from which it is made will determine how comfortable we will find it. Some women are sensitive to synthetics or to latex (the rubber compound found in virtually all elastics, except latex-free) and would find any bra, a nightmare to wear. Some ladies find seaming of any kind an irritant, for others it may be back closures, under-wires or stretch straps. The bra may offer good support, and the coverage they want, but they still can’t wear the bra. The comfort factor is always a personal decision and no amount of persuasion on the part of a bra fitter is going to convince you that the bra is comfortable. You need to do some investigation to see what the cause of the discomfort is. I remember one bra where we tried a new seam covering, which caused our model to scratch incessantly! This was a prototype bra we were making for a client, so you can imagine how quickly we got rid of that roll of seam covering! I guess there was a good reason why it was less expensive than our regular stuff.

TIPS: Erotic Toys for Adults

One of the wonderful things that are now available in the market are adult toys — but more commonly called “sex toys”. These toys basically bring our sexually out into our environment.  Adult Toys provide new experiences in our lives with our partners.

Sex plays a basic role in our lives, and arousing each other is one of the basic tasks that we do. Adult toys add another method by which couples can find new ways of expressing their love and sexuality, as well as finding a new level of excitement.

Imagine creating new means for better pleasure!

Imagination about sexual activities is important.  Some people imagine (or dream about) having sex in a closet, or in a car, or at the beach, or while in the bath tub.

Whatever imagination you have, adult toys will help you to experience the secret desires you have while in the privacy and comfort of your home…

Sex aids available to assist you in sex
Some popular sex toys available for sex include dildos,  masturbators, vibrators, the infamous “rabbit” toys, and more.

Open up … spend a day shopping for lingerie, and experiment with new toys, lotions and massage oils.  Make a date with your partner, and spend time enjoying your private life.