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Sheer Fusion Lingerie and Sex ToysSheer Fusion began as “Hot Mama’s Lingerie” in 2007.  The change of name was accompanied by a new location and an upgraded image, with special emphasis on our unique “bra fitting” services for women with Hot Mamas Lingerie and Sex Giftshard-to-fit bra needs.




We found that our services help women feel more comfortable and sexy by obtaining bras that really “fit”, rather than “accepting” bras that were the right fit, just to avoid the frustration of bra shopping.

Not all lingerie and erotic gift stores provide bra fitting services as employees must be specially trained, knowledgeable about bras overall, and willing to take the time and patience necessary to make Lingerie and More: Sexy Bras that Fitthe customer feel at ease.  Most stores chose not to provide this very needed service.  Sheer Fusion knew that this was service was a  key to the success of the store, and kept thousands of bras in stock, from multiple manufacturers and providers.

“Bras aren’t alike.  From one company to another, the size and fit is different.  Once women find a company that they are happy with, they will do whatever it takes to purchase from that company.”

However, bras are just one aspect (although a very important one!) Fun costumes, sexy lingerie, and all the toys and lubes to go with itof SheerFusion Lingerie and Erotic Gifts.  We maintain a full line of costumes for both fun and eroticism, as well as panties, thongs, and every type of lingerie you can imagine – from babydolls to standard night gowns … in sizes up to 6X!

We believe lingerie for the fuller ladies must be as sexy as for the smaller sizes.  That is why we are very careful with the styles and colors we purchase to make sure we are providing designs that ladies of all sizes will find exciting and attractive.

Sheer Fusion is a lingerie and erotic gift store.  We have a full range of sexy toys and games, as well as necessary oils and lubricants, to compliment your planned erotic evening.  And we are happy to tell you about the products – don’t be shy – we promise it isn’t our first time to share our knowledge.

That is why we are here.  To help live a more satisfying sex life.  And to wear better fitting bras — because we think it takes both!


  1. alma Reply


    I was wondering if you might be interested to have a look at our lingerie brand – Aima Dora.

    I am based in Mauritius now as our brand is manufactured here and in Madagascar. The brand was inspired by our know-how (we have been manufacturing lingerie for 28 years for a number of of french brands), combined with sheer creativity and passion! Aima Dora is the perfect mix of french lingerie and the imagination that stems from a tropical island.

    Our principal is to offer the collection that offers great fit, comfort and quality. We use beautiful lace from Jabouley and Brunet (French), Iluna (Italian), Sakae (Japanese). We also yearly attend the shows in Paris and New York. Currently we distribute to America, Australia, Europe and Japan.

    If the collection is of interested to you I would be delighted to provide any further information that you might require.

    Thank you in advance for your time and i look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

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