We Support Bras for a Cause

bras for a causeFor the fifth year in a row, a local business did its part to offer support to women living with breast cancer.

Sheer Fusion Lingerie raised $880 during Bras for a Cause, a campaign that raises money for the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation.

Renae Gibson, owner of Sheer Fusion Lingerie, said the store decided to get involved five years ago after hearing a number of stories from women who had undergone mastectomies.

“They come into the store and they tell us their stories, and (we) just feel for them,” Gibson said. “Doing Bras for a Cause makes us feel that we can at least contribute to help them while they’re going through cancer.”

During the month of October, Sheer Fusion collected used bras from the community.
“We take the time to assess their needs and get a specific bra that looks nice and helps them feel good about themselves to brighten their day.”

This year, the store put together eight teams of residents to bring a competitive aspect to the event.

“We were thrilled with almost 900 bras, but next year, we are going to make it even bigger with more teams, starting it earlier and hopefully getting a little bit of competition between the businesses in Airdrie,” said Gibson.

“We really want all aspects of the community to get involved because it is a great cause and it raises awareness about breast cancer.”

The bras in good condition were donated to women’s abuse shelters, while those in poor condition were thrown away. For each bra collected, Sheer Fusion gave a $5 coupon to the person who donated.

For every bra collected, Booster Juice and Qualico Group donated $1 to the Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation.

The foundation provides a number of programs to help women who are going through or recovering from breast cancer.

“It’s important that we stand behind our community and the ladies that get this because it’s very hard on them,” Gibson said. “They kind of lose a piece of themselves and they don’t feel whole anymore.”

This year, Sheer Fusion also collected donations from teams. The team who donated the most bras received a $150 gift certificate.

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